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Lizzi Wolf, winner of the 2015 Knut House Story Prize

Lizzi Wolf was born in Detroit. She attended Oberlin College and University of Michigan. Her novella CHARCOT was published in the Seattle Review in 2013. Her poetry and micro-fictions have recently appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, Midwest Quarterly, and Pembroke Magazine. Lizzi currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts, and teaches American culture studies at Endicott College. Lizzi Wolf's story "The Terrible Expression" won the Knut House story prize in 2015, and was published in Knut House Magazine: The Insanity Edition. (
About her prizewinning story, Wolf writes: "Insanity proceeds according to its own wildly fallacious sense of logic. The authentic experience of insanity is one of perceiving the world through a tainted lens. The woman with the Terrible Expression on her face is tortured by a profoundly distorted perception of the interface between herself and others -- a perception she subjects to a rigorous, if painfully flawed, logic. The authentic experience of insanity if also one of profound alienation, and the woman with the Terrible Expression is nothing if not alienated. In the era of social media and the selfie -- when one's identity is defined by endlessly reproducible images of one's face -- the experience of the woman who was born, lived and died with a Terrible Expression on her face seems an apt parable for the experience of lifelong alienation. Further, the idea that one's fifteen minutes of fame (prophetically promised by Andy Warhol in 1968) may not occur until news of one's death goes viral, seems fitting for a character who was, while alive, unable to find a place for herself in a world obsessed with identity as a function of media attention."