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Why Lonely Puppies Travel to the Moon

by Uncle Knut

Why Lonely Puppies, pp 8-9

Why Lonely Puppies, pp 42-43

Why Lonely Puppies, pp 18-19

Why Lonely Puppies, pp 68-69

Why Lonely Puppiess, pp 80-81

Why Lonely Puppies, pp 132-33

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About the Heroes

The first hero of this story is a lonely puppy. She is six months old, and her only friends are chickens. She lost her mom and dad, and her human is rather lazy. So she tends to think a lot, when left alone in her cage. Despite her age, the puppy’s best friend, a hen named Yellow Chicken, says she may or may not be a philosopher. Also, the puppy is quite brave. Dinosaurs are not scary. Not at all.

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About the Heroes

Our second hero is a yellow hen. Her name is Yellow Chicken. She’s not too sure how old she is, but is clearly much older and wiser than her acquaintance, the puppy, who needs so much attention. Yellow Chicken tends to eat a lot of worms and bugs, unlike the puppy who eats sticks from trees. Yellow Chicken aspires to fly among the clouds someday, like an eagle... Or alien spaceship.

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About the Author

The lonely puppy’s human is not a hero of this story. He’s just the author. His name is Uncle Knut. He is rather lazy, sleeping well past sunrise, until the puppy wakes him up. He keeps all the dog and chicken feed locked-up. He spends most of his days watering the garden on his small farm in Pennsylvania. His garden only has tomatoes and tobasco peppers. He primarily eats large mason jars of hot sauce.

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