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Annie Dawid, The Empathic Listener

Annie Dawid has published three books of fiction, AND DARKNESS WAS UNDER HIS FEET: STORIES OF A FAMILY (Litchfield Review Press, winner of their Short Fiction Prize); LILY IN THE DESERT (Carnegie-Mellon University Press Series in Short Fiction) and YORK FERRY: A NOVEL (Cane Hill Press). Her long short story, "Jonestown: Thirty Years On," was published in Best New Writing 2015 (Hopewell 2014). Other recent work is online: Her story "The Empathic Listener" was published in Knut House Magazine: The Insanity Edition in November 2015.

About "The Empathic Listener" Dawid writes: "This story comes from many years in therapy -- I wrote a novel about this character and her psychiatrist, ONE LITTLE ROOM AN EVERYWHERE, which seeks a publisher. A short story version of the same name, pre-dating the novel, was published in the now defunct YELLOW SILK magazine out of the Bay Area. A novella version was a finalist in the Ohio State Press competition. The quote is from John Donne (British metaphysical poet, 1633), and seems to describe the therapy room perfectly: 'And now good morrow to our waking souls, which watch not one another out of fear. For love all love of other sights controls, and makes one little room, an every where.'"